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Repairing Locks For Your New Orleans Home Desk Or File Cabinet

There are certain problems that may prove very difficult to attend to, especially in the workspace. Of such problems, dealing with a cabinet or drawer lock can be ranked as one of the most frustrating situations. When faced with situations such as lost keys or broken locks on your filing cabinets or stuck desk and cabinet drawers, there’s little you can do to this as you definitely need the services of a New Orleans locksmith to handle this problem.

When faced with a broken lock or key drawer, or on cases of bent lock latches, reaching out to a trusted locksmith who offers emergency services can help you get right back in the middle of the day’s business with as little inconvenience as possible.

Addressing Filing Cabinet Locks

As a business owner, you need to know some of the major problems that may seem minute but can affect your business productivity for the day. To ensure that you get the best day at your business, below are some of the common developments which may occur in the workspace which requires that you hire the services of a trusted locksmith offering fast and efficient yet quality services.

Below are some of the lock conditions that demands the prompt service of a locksmith.


Wearing out of file cabinet locks does not occur in a day and in most cases, the duration of wear may be a significant factor dictating the quality of the lock which is fixed in the file cabinet. When faced with worn out file cabinet locks, there is the need to reach out to a trusted locksmith in New Orleans who will perform a replacement or repair service based on the needs of the lock and the extent of damage. In some cases, there may also be the need to rekey the lock or make new or duplicate keys to ensure that you can access your file cabinet as soon as possible in the event such cases re-occur.


When faced with a jammed cabinet drawer, the significant symptom of this is the failure of the cabinet drawer to bulge when pulled or pushed. In cases when the cabinet drawer becomes jammed and difficult to or close due to bent lock latches or misalignment, contact the services of your trusted locksmith to have it repaired.


This is perhaps the commonest problem encountered in the workspace. With the keys to the filing cabinet lost and the spare keys not accessible, the best line of action would be to contact a trusted and professional locksmith to look into this problem. this problem can be solved by either rekeying the lock and making further duplicates or changing the entire lock on the filing cabinet.


When you have a broken filing cabinet lock, it is recommended that you hire the services of a professional to have the locks replaced to ensure continued protection of the information contained in the cabinet.

When faced with any of the situations described above, it is best that you contact a locksmith or read through for locksmith tips and tricks.

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